Life insurance policy is an integral part of financial planning for every Canadian, and can help to protect the financial security of your family when unexpected happen.

The options to cover your needs are usually permanent life or term life insurance. Permanent needs include estate protection, legacy building, income replacement or final expenses. Temporary needs include mortgage payments, credit protection, personal or business loans and survivors income for families.

Licensed life insurance broker can guide you through the many options available to you and help you make the life insurance choices for both your current situation and your future.

We offer the following life insurance products:

  • Term insurance can provide a specific amount of protection for as long as you want to keep
  • Hybrid life insurance is a union of guaranteed and variable features providing a uniquely competitive permanent life insurance product
  • Whole life insurance can provide affordable coverage with no change in cost, and with guarantees to help along the way
  • Universal life insurance can provide flexibility to fit your entire insurance plan and immediate tax sheltering of savings and investments into one policy
  • Participating life insurance can provide strong guaranteed cash values and cost-effective guaranteed insurance protection—all rolled into one plan