Travel insurance is usually overlooked by many people.  It is sensible to take out a travel health insurance policy for any trips you may take outside the country. Without a travel insurance policy on your trip, it can become really expensive if you become ill or have an accident.

With unexpected events that may occur or even accidents that may happen, having the right coverage can protect you from financial hardship

Visitors to Canada, new immigrants and returning Canadians (during the first 90 days in their province) are not covered by the provincial medical plans and can face huge bills in the event of a medical emergency. A simple visit to the hospital can result into thousands of dollars for medical bills! For visitors sponsored to Canada, the sponsor is liable for the full cost of the medical treatment.

For only a few dollars a day all visitors can be covered for medical emergencies. Plans offered are Canadian based so in most situations the insurance pays directly to the hospitals, avoiding large out-of-pocket expenses. In many cases we can cover also stable chronic conditions.